Monday, May 2, 2011

Adrian Salbuchi on The Corbett Report - The Second Republic Solution

Writer, researcher and financial analyst Adrian Salbuchi joins The Corbett Report from Argentina to discuss the Second Republic Project, a decentralized, multi-national movement to restore national sovereignty, reclaim (or establish) republican institutions and remove the debt-based monetary system that is enslaving so many throughout the world.The people have been betrayed by those seeking power for so long that they are unlikely to throw their heart into backing some new power structure..." I bet they would. They've been trained to be compliant.

"..that the authorities can seize.." What authorities? There are no authorities. There are only violent pricks.

If people are to believe in something then they have to be able to affect it and it has to represent them. I think people have had enough of trying to affect change in national politics. It's too far removed from the citizenry and there is no effective way to really reign in the bureaucrats at that level, since they make the laws and select those who enforce them.