Monday, June 6, 2011

Adrian Salbuchi : Europe falling apart

Terrorist food poisoning?! It's sociological warfare developing!' Spain may be a step closer to an EU bailout after Germany wrongly said the country's cucumbers had caused Europe's deadly E. coli outbreak. The claims have destroyed the country's fruit and vegetable exports. Meanwhile, the finger is now being pointed at Germany and its beansprouts as a possible source of the contamination, which has claimed 22 lives. Adrian Salbuchi, investigative journalist , writer, researcher and financial analyst - says that the story is being blown out of proportion

In the past century, world agriculture has lost 75% of its genetic diversity to globalization, standardization and monoculture farming; 95% of the tomato varieties that existed in 1909 are extinct; 91% of corn – gone. In addition, 95% of the cabbage varieties your great-great grandma grew have all been consigned. All this coupled w/ corporations given the power to own seeds thus eliminating competing varieties n crowning their own patented seeds as the only choice in the marketplace..we are screwed