Monday, June 27, 2011

Adrian Salbuchi : on Chavez health problems

Senior Venezuelan officials have denied that the country's President Hugo Chavez has cancer. This comes after a report citing a U.S. intelligence source, saying the staunchly anti-American leader is in a critical condition after undergoing surgery in Cuba. Chavez has been in Cuba for more than two weeks, but Venezuelan officials say he's being treated for a pelvic abcess and that he'll return home in around a week. Author and researcher, Adrian Salbuchi , thinks the U.S. is driving the reports in an effort to destabilize Chavez's government.Chavez is not paranoid; we really ARE out to get him. He's seen how US imperialist powers work; and his caution, including raising the world visibility of Venezuala's situation, is perfectly sane. If he first tells us to keep our distance, then publically kicks out our spies, he makes sure that if we DO intervene in his country, we must do it militarily, not from within. He's learned the lesson of American intervention in Central American affairs, and all of America's programmed masses hate him.