Monday, November 21, 2011

Adrian Salbuchi : Gaddafi son will be executed

I suggest that Russia step in and free Saif Gaddafi, if not for the reason of their UN blunder then at least for their own leverage against the Western governments!! Don't sit on your hands and watch this Medvedev and Putin!! What war crimes did Saif do? Was it African Mercenaries...that was racist propaganda by the NATO rebels resulting in lynching & targeting of blacks. Was it warplanes bombing Tripoli...that was Al-jazeera propaganda from a witness THEY CONTACTED in Tripoli. Was it the bloodbath in Benghazi...that was lies by Obama & media since Gaddafi offered amnesty to rebels. Was it mass rapes with viagra...more lies by the NATO rebels. Killing of protesters...some "protesters" attacked military bases.