Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Adrian Salbuchi - 9/11, Finance, Zionist Machinations, Deception, & Common Law

My idea about 9/11 formed without reviewing for each items in the Internet that refute the US government story. Yah Internet is fulled of topics talk about 9/11 in America, and there are hundreds of logical and scientific questions and facts and much photos and videos which refute US government story about 9/11, but I really didn't depend on all these items about 9/11 to know it was big lie even though all these items are very logical. I went to the logic that combines all in the one framework. It was: it was impossibility to break a very strong security system four times in the same time by people came from Afghanistan. It's impossible only in three cases: 1- The owner of the scurity system opened gaps for people sneaking in order to do this operation. 2- The owner of the scurity system made this operation (inside job) as false flag. 3- There is a system stronger than US scurity system was able to broke it. I thought much in the three cases and asked many questions, then I reached a conviction that America is a stolen by a stange group does not belong to America, or even humanity. This group in America has no unflinchingly doing something bad for political gain, even at the expense of the American people. This group is very creator in making movies to convince people in order to circumvents around it, creator in the excitement and thrill and creating victim in its films even it had lost moral, the important thing is to make attract films for billions of viewers to achieve the political purposes.